New Research Study About Homeless Youth

We are excited about this new piece of research just published. Many of us have benefitted from the research study published in 2013. (See below) 

"This community-based research project, conducted by Loyola University New Orleans in conjunction with Covenant House New Orleans, is a replication and extension of a study conducted by a Fordham University research team in 2013 at Covenant House New York. Their report, “Homelessness, Survival Sex, and Human Trafficking: As Experienced by the Youth of Covenant House New York,” concluded that among the youth interviewed, approximately one in four had engaged in commercial sex, 14.9% of respondents had experienced some form of trafficking victimization by the time they arrived at Covenant House, and at least an additional 8% had engaged in survival sex. "

An excerpt from some of the key findings:

Human Trafficking

  • 14% of respondents were identified as victims of some form of trafficking, following the legal definition outlined by the 2000 U.S. Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act.

  • 11% of the total population had been tracked for sex, 5% for other forced labor. (Two respondents were trafficked for both sex and labor.)

  • Based on the number of youth aged 16–23 that Covenant House New Orleans cares for over the course of a year (approximately 615), the findings indicate that approximately 86 residents a year are likely to be victims of human trafficking.